Behind the lens

Theofilos Venardos

Hi! I am Theophilos Venardos and I live in Athens. I work as a professional photographer since 2000. The happiness of a marriage, the thrill of a baptism, the festive atmosphere of an anniversary is for me an inspiration.

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Lampros & Evgenia


Wedding photos are the story tellers of love, promise, memory and joy. That’s what makes them timeless and priceless at the same time. Theofilos, Christos and Nikolas were there to offer us all that with their outstanding professionalism, motivation and inspiration! Their more -than- friendly approach to our wedding revealed their human qualities and sincere interest to us and the ideal result: they did not check their watches not even once, they did not hesitate to “kidnap” us to settings and sceneries they had picked beforehand and all that without charging us a fortune! Thank you guys for your authentic participation to our party with your everlasting inspired photos!